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Dash cam may prove murder

Although as part of a corrupt institution, Seattle police officer Ian Birk will doubtless escape criminal prosecution for what appears to be an act of murder, at least his crime is known. Does anyone reading this imagine that Birk would have been disciplined at all had his own dash camera not effectively convicted him, or indeed that we would be reading this story?

Dashcam video from police killing of civilian.

This is a still shot from dashcam video footage that could be evidence of an extrajudicial killing.
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To require that every police squad car keep such a dash camera in operation during any public contact will not, in itself, assure any diminution of police misconduct; such a change would require altering the entire culture of the U.S. law-enforcement profession. But, as I have written before on at least two occasions in my StumbleUpon blog — I cite as an example this essay — such cameras, in conjunction with the digital and cell-phone cameras that are becoming so pervasive, can produce evidence that will tend to put more pressure on police and governmental officials to make at least a show of punishing officers photographed in the act of committing crimes. And as this pressure accumulates, I suspect that the police culture eventually will begin to change; if not, a few strategic lawsuits will do wonders.

Originally published as a review of a report on a possible murder under color of police authority.

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