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Well, recu-u-use me!

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas (below right with wife Virginia) should recuse himself from any cases that may come before the high court concerning President Barack Obama’s health-care initiative, argue People for the American Way on this petition, because he appears to have a conflict of interest. His wife, Virginia, is a former lobbyist with Heritage Foundation and current CEO of Liberty Central, and thus the couple has a financial stake in repealing the Obama reforms.

Virginia and Clarence Thomas

Virginia and Clarence: doubting Thomases?
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Sign this petition if you think that being married to a professional opponent of health-care reform may tend to judicial bias on Justice Thomas’ part.

Given Thomas’ history in the 2000 election and the Citizens United decision that made citizens of corporations, I think this is mere understatement: Thomas should be required to stay out of any case in which his decision might so much as appear to be influenced by his wife’s political activities and consequent financial investment in the outcome. This is the law as it pertains to all lower courts; how much more, then, ought it to apply to the highest court in the nation?

But at least this petition is a step in the right direction.

Originally published as a review of a People for the American Way petition asking that Clarence Thomas recuse himself from cases bearing on the Obama health-care initiative, in which his wife has a penuniary stake. Update as of 12 March 2015: Please note that the petition is no longer active.

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