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Cartoonish vacuity

Synthesizing the assorted fatuities proposed by this incompetent jurist, we find that Tennessee judge Joe Rehyansky considers male GIs’ “lithe naked bodies” such an enticement that neither gay men nor lesbians can resist them. For this reason, he concludes that the former must be kept out of the military and away from them, while the latter should be enlisted so they can be straightened out by them, through rape if necessary.

Joe Rehyansky

Joe Rehyansky: Loony Tunes or just a little blurred?
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Quite apart from the Hanna-Barbera-worthy logic that this proposition evinces and the moral vacuity that underlies it, this tells us more than perhaps we wanted to know about Rehyansky’s own latent preferences and self-loathing hypocrisy.

Possibly Rehyansky should be disbarred and sent to jail for suborning a felony. But if he were, I suspect he’d enjoy his “corrective rape” more than most inmates.

Originally published as a review of a article on judicial incompetence.

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